Procurement categories

Procurement categories

We are often asked whether we are focused on our development implicit or whether we are also involved in the so-called " direct purchases. The development of indirect purchases is typically fairly straightforward and the measurement of savings as well as the inaccurate demonstration of the results is quite simple.


However, our experience has shown that many of the same operating models can be used to support the so-called " through direct purchases.


The same basic principles apply to direct purchases: categorization of purchases and strategies for categories, basic issues such as contract archives, regular tenders to ensure the conditions of competitiveness, etc.


Perhaps the most important service area we have encountered in direct purchases is the need for measurement and analysis. The BI analytics solutions we have developed here are able to support the operations of a company's own procurement organization.


We have implemented dozens of bidding for our customers and the following categories are our specialty area


Logistics (domestic and foreign transport and storage)
Tracks and courier traffic
Packaging Products

Facility management

Facility management
ICT (equipment and services)
Tele (mobile and telecommunications)
Waste disposal
Acquisition of electricity


Financial, payroll and auditing
Statutory pension and voluntary personal insurance
Pension insurance services and statutory pension insurance
Voluntary life and pension insurance
Financial and banking services
Occupational health care


Office Services and Supplies
Media and Marketing
Traveling and Hotels

Direct purchases

We have also implemented a number of direct-purchase project-specific projects, on a case-by-case basis and by industry.

If there is a need to extend the review to the global supplier market, we can implement projects in cooperation with our partner.