Competitive Advantage

Competitive Advantage

The role of the acquisition will be developed for the business as a genuine value-added function.

Well-managed and properly rollouted procurement has the potential to create a genuine competitive advantage for the company. There are a number of concrete examples from SMEs, even though large companies are pioneers in this area as well. The acquisition must be aware of its potential and what steps need to be taken to make progress towards a value-producing player.

In many organizations, the role of the procurement has drifted and has remained an important fundamentally important one, namely price negotiations, supplier negotiation and maintenance of supplier relations, and ordering goods and services. The role of acquisition should, however, be seen to be much bigger and more meaningful.
In the best and most optimal case, the acquisition brings competitive advantage and added value to the business / company.

There are several areas where the acquisition can generate added value.

In most organizations, the objectives of the acquisition are also geared to supporting the role of traditional procurement and not to support the change in the role of procurement to support genuine business. The lack of competence in management and procurement is one of the reasons why all opportunities to support a business are not identified.

Hackett kuva

The wider role of the acquisition also means extensive knowledge but above all good and systematic collaboration models and communication within the organization. Everything does not have to be acquired, but the active pursuit of things with different parts of the organization requires at least the identification of opportunities, whether they are related to the development of new products and turnover, the financial position of a company or the development of strategic partnerships.

Developing supplier co-operation

For strategic journalists and categories, the development of supplier co-operation in the long term brings considerable benefits to both the company and the supplier. A common development program can include highly operational, process and transparency actions, always on highly strategic, such as actions related to the development of new products or services.

Make or buy analyzes

There are several items in the company's business, where you should think about what to do and what to get from the outside. In addition to the end result, it is often even more useful to have the process itself, based on which decisions are made.

Expanding knowledge acquisition

The acquirer's expert could be described as a tenant in modern times. Future acquirers will be required to significantly expand the company's knowledge of the business as well as the ability to take part in the strategy's acquisition of the role of procurement.

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