Current state analysis

Current state analysis

We will conduct a Current Status Analysis to identify the status of our current procurement activity.

We analyze the current state of the customer's purchases based on the accounting material provided by the customer and, if necessary, the invoice history. This analysis is generally extended to cover customer purchases from the last couple of years. This will also make the trend of acquisitions visible.

We compare the price level of supplier contracts in the customer's core purchasing categories with the benchmark databases of the industry's leading and established partners. In this way, we can evaluate the savings potential through centralization of procurement and competitive bidding.

The analysis is provided to our customer through our developed Procureforce service.

Along with our procurement analytics, we also go through the resources, processes, and tools involved in purchasing a customer's business. Based on these, we make our presentation of the efficiency potential, the results of which we are ready to commit ourselves.

At the end of the current state analysis, we make a proposal for the development program for the customer. This covers development activities for short, medium and long-term projects. The development program is funded as a result of short-term savings actions and thus can be used to generate a cash-flow-positive project immediately. Its main goal is to give the customer a lasting competitive edge.

Current state analysis can be carried out quickly, after obtaining the necessary material.

Current state analysis is preceded by an agreement whose essential content is to limit output and to ensure confidentiality. This ensures confidential handling of the customer's data.

The video below illustrates the current analysis application for the Current Status Analysis.




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