Our services

Our services

The development projects we offer cover the purchase-to-pay chain, tailored and verified in the short and long term.

In the mapping phase, we are going through the current state of the procurement as a whole and we recognize the savings potential that will be achieved in a very short time. By "saving" these savings, we are able to undertake concrete ongoing development efforts aimed at steadily raising purchasing.


Current state analysis

  • We will conduct a Current Status Analysis to identify the status of our current procurement activity.


  • We will focus at the beginning on measures that can make substantial savings in the short term.
  • Focusing on purchases in selected categories, purchasing optimization, and bidding.
  • Savings are "funded" by development efforts aimed at the permanent raising of the procurement.


  • The most important goal of development is to support the acquisition of processes and own resources.
  • This is achieved by measuring, introducing the best methods and modern digital services.

Competitive Advantage

  • Genuine competitive advantage through the acquisition is generated by deepening and developing cooperation among selected strategic suppliers.
  • The development of competence in the procurement organization is also of key importance.

Powerbi Consulting

  • Microsoft PowerBI Consulting.

Measuring is at the heart of procurement development projects. Without systematic measurement, the proper focusing of development work is impossible and the long-term uncertainty of the effects of changes is uncertain.

For this we have developed a BI solution that focuses on procurement. The solution introduces a modern Business Intelligence service packaged pre-packaged, making it easy to get started quickly and easily, and realize the benefits quickly. The service includes a cost-per-acquisition cost review, an article-specific price monitoring, a provider's service level monitoring, and risk tracking, as well as the effectiveness monitoring of procurement measures.

The goal is to produce as much real-time monitoring as possible and to present information in a form where the actions can be directed quickly to the most impressive targets.