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Our story

Twenty years of experience in international business management leadership, financial management and procurement processes widened the gap between the challenges and opportunities of procurement in Finland and the world.

The importance of acquiring procurement has already been identified in larger companies, and in these companies, efforts have been made to invest in procurement. In SMEs, the development of a procurement activity is often incomplete, partly due to the scarce resources of procurement and development, the lack of investment in skills development and lack of procurement support systems. In the process of developing procurement, it is typical that the development is approached either by focusing on the development of financial transaction processes (automation of purchase bargaining processes) or one-off bidding for indirect purchases.

To address these challenges, we established Spendavis Oy in 2014.


Our mission is to comprehensively develop our procurement processes by achieving our customers a tangible, sustainable competitive advantage and substantial savings.

The development projects we offer cover the purchase-to-pay chain, tailored and verified in the short and long term. In the mapping phase, we are going through the current state of the procurement as a whole and we recognize the savings potential that will be achieved in a very short time. By "saving" these savings, we are able to undertake concrete ongoing development efforts aimed at steadily raising purchasing.



Measuring is at the heart of procurement development projects.

Without systematic measurement, the proper focusing of development work is impossible and the long-term uncertainty of the effects of changes is uncertain.

We have developed a BI-focused solution for procurement that introduces a modern Business Intelligence service packaged pre-packaged. Getting started is quick and inexpensive and the benefits are realized quickly.


The service includes a cost-per-acquisition cost review, an article-specific price monitoring, a provider's service level monitoring, and risk tracking, as well as the effectiveness monitoring of procurement measures. The goal is to produce as real-time monitoring as possible and to present information in a form where the actions can be directed to quickly targeting the most impressive targets.


We have also built up an expert network around our services, consisting of long-line business management professionals in these specific areas of expertise.


Spendavis Oy is a member of the Finnish Association of Purchasing and Logistics (LOGY)
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